Sheikh Khalfan ibn Muhammad Al Esry

CO founder, MD and active executive coach at Prosper and The Coach focussing on leadership and organisational culture. 

A recognised speaker, coach and facilitator on Personal Leadership programmes with extensive knowledge and experience in multicultural management and organisational behaviour. Khalfan has over 20 years experience in the technical and people management fields, of which 10 were at the corporate level. He has greatly contributed towards supporting organisations and societies with several programmes, including coaching for performance, multicultural awareness, Imbedding safe working culture in an organisation, vision & goal setting, strategic planning and one-on-one coaching. On facilitation level, he has designed and facilitated workshops on strategic planning, social investment projects and team buildings. He has also developed and delivered a value based programme on leading safety in the oil and Gas industry in the MENA region.
A board member of six companies in areas of education, coaching, oil services, research and development in alternative Energy.

Recently appointed as a member of the state council and holding a position of VP HRD committe focussing on formulating strategic direction and recommending legislations on areas of human resource capacity building at the national level.

A member of Oman chamber of commerce as Vice president in SME committee.

A member of Sharia Supervisory Board with National Bank Oman, one of a leading National bank in Oman. 

An active contributor of knowledge to society at large, lecturing at several universities, colleges, institutions and establishment focusing on unleashing the talent within to achieve personal leadership and growth.

Specialties:Organisational culture
A speaker and a coach in imbedding a safe working culture
A speaker in theology and Human development
A facilitator on Team building and business workshops